Masterclass Employment Law

Masterclass Employment Law

Masterclass Employment Law

08.06.2018 NL law

On 14 June 2018, Stibbe will host a masterclass about the proposed Balanced Labour Market Act (Concept wetsvoorstel arbeidsmarkt in balans - Wab). The Wab will entail significant changes for the relationship between permanent and flexible employment contracts.

During the masterclass Stibbe lawyers Paul Vestering, Astrid Helstone and Johan Zwemmer will discuss the practical aspects of the Wab, the bottlenecks and the expected changes of the new legislation.

The masterclass is open for Stibbe clients only. For more information about the Wab please visit the Wab page on the New Dutch Dismissal Law website (website Nieuw ontslagrecht) or contact us.


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