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30 January 2018: Wouter Geldhof speaks at a seminar on The Future of the GB Electricity Market in London

30 January 2018: Wouter Geldhof speaks at a seminar on The Future of the GB Electricity Market in London

30 January 2018: Wouter Geldhof speaks at a seminar on The Future of the GB Electricity Market in London


Wouter Geldhof, Energy partner at Stibbe Brussels, is panelist in this event focusing on the opportunities for flexibility services, electricity storage, the future regulatory landscape and how market participants can optimise their activities.

The GB power market is experiencing rapid changes:

  • The growth of decentralised energy, an increasingly diverse generation make-up, narrowing and lowering subsidies and greater energy demands pose technological, financial and regulatory system challenges.
  • What will the market look like once the costs of low carbon technologies have fallen to the point where they can compete with gas without subsidy?
  • How can both energy security and a greater need for system flexibility be maintained in an energy market with more low marginal cost plants and more distributed generation?
  • How can large industrial and commercial energy users offer flexibility services?
  • How can market participants make more efficient use of new technologies?
  • What regulatory regime do we need to deliver the solutions to these challenges?

Electricity storage has been touted as both a market disruptor and a potential solution some of the challenges ahead. Yet, there are difficulties from both a regulatory and technological perspective as shown in Ofgem's consultation on the regulation of energy storage at the end of 2017.

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