Legal insight in the Belgian energy market

Legal insight in the Belgian energy market

Legal insight in the Belgian energy market

09.10.2014 BE law

Energy law in a federal country like Belgium with three regions (Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels Capital region), and three communities (Flemish, Francophone and German) is –needless to say- complex.  Competences with regard to energy are divided between the federal level and the regions.

The federal level is competent for energy production, large energy storage capacities, nuclear energy, offshore energy, transmission of electricity and gas including tariffs, retail energy prices, and competition in the energy market. The regions are competent for renewable energy, energy efficiency, distribution of electricity and natural gas, and distribution tariffs.

Stibbe zooms in on the current energy mix and the developments in government strategy and in regulation in Belgium in a chapter of Global Legal Insights.


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