We are Stibbe Food specialists

Our vast experience in all aspects of food-related matters enables us to provide our clients with a comprehensive service that helps them to find practical solutions to their legal issues and challenges.


Food remains a highly competitive and strictly regulated market. Stibbe's multidisciplinary team of experts advises a wide variety of top-level clients including governmental bodies, public authorities, retailers, nonprofit organisations, local and international industrial stakeholders and consumers.

Our industry-focused expertise allows us to assist clients with food regulations at national, regional, and EU levels and in handling litigations and regulatory matters at all stages of the product lifecycle, from harvest to manufacturing and from marketing and labelling to product liability.

This 360-degree approach encompasses complex matters such as distribution, intellectual property, privacy and outsourcing, antitrust, consumer protection, unfair trade practices, transport and logistics, product regulations, recalls, health and safety measures, permits and compliance, advertising, environmental issues, contract drafting, and rules for consumer contests and other promotions and campaigns.

Our food law specialists are proactive in gaining timely insight into the latest legislative and regulatory developments in the sector. This ensures that our lawyers always have in-depth knowledge of the food industry and regulations. Their close contacts with the authorities and regulators at both national and EU levels provide them with a thorough understanding of the latest governmental developments and positions in the industry that could have an impact on our clients’ businesses.

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10.04.2019 BE law
Acrylamide: zijn frieten ook juridisch schadelijk voor de gezondheid?

Articles - De risico’s door de aanwezigheid van acrylamide in levensmiddelen noopten de EU tot het nemen van risicobeperkende maatregelen. Exploitanten van levensmiddelenbedrijven van bepaalde levensmiddelen (o.a. frieten, chips, koekjes, …) kregen de verplichting om tal van maatregelen te nemen.  De juridische kwalificatie van acrylamide en het regime van deze maatregelen worden in deze blog toegelicht.

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05.06.2018 EU law
New EU rules to reduce marine pollution

Articles - Plastic pollution has become a key environmental concern. And it is not surprising why: according to a recent study, of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics that have been produced so far, 6.3 billion metric tons has become plastic waste. Of this plastic waste, 79% is accumulating either in landfill sites or in the oceans. Therefore, on 28 May 2018 the EU Commission issued a new draft Directive aimed at tackling marine litter by addressing single use plastic items and abandoned fishing gear.

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16.03.2018 BE law
(Micro)plastics: EU-restrictie op komst?

Articles - Lees hier meer over de groeiende aandacht voor microplastics, die meer en meer in producten en levensmiddelen opduiken. De Europese instellingen hebben de microplastics in het vizier vanwege hun mogelijke impact op het marien milieu en de menselijke gezondheid. Ze denken na over beperkingen op microplastics. Volgen ook in België  bindende maatregelen?

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