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Stibbe StartsUP: Start-up programme provides full-service legal advice to selected start-ups

There have never before been more technological innovations than in the last decade. Many young businesses are at the forefront of innovation and are ready to scale up. In this process they face new and ever-changing legal challenges which do not always fit the traditional client-lawyer relationship.

Stibbe StartsUP was launched in 2017 as a recognition of these legal challenges. The initiative is a two-way process. We provide full-service legal advice to help you grow your business to the next phase and at the same time our lawyers learn from the (legal) challenges that you face as a start-up in your particular market. As such, Stibbe StartsUP also contributes to the innovative power of Stibbe and provides you with access to our wide range and in-depth legal expertise and experience.

Stibbe StartsUP is looking for candidates at the forefront of innovation. We expect you to be ready to take your product or service to the next level, so beyond the initial (start-up) idea. If and when selected, we will offer you a substantial number of hours of free legal advice: our investment in your business.

If you are interested in Stibbe StartsUP, you can contact us via:

Team: Aaldert ten Veen, Anne Merks, Joren Wiewel, Tess Hendriks and Vincent Visser.




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