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We value talents highly

That’s exactly why we give you numerous opportunities to develop yourself, both during and after your training to become a member of the bar. Through our very own Stibbe Academy, we train you to becoming and even after you become a full-fledged lawyer.

We also train our staff and legal assistants to be high-performing professionals.

Strong foundation

You will have a lot on your plate when you combine a new professional career with a fulfilling personal life and maybe even bar school, bar exams, and pro deo work.  But we are with you at every step of the way by keeping track of your development.

Stibbe Academy is an extensive training program offering legal skills, soft skills, ICT- and language courses for Stibbe members.  All courses are tailor-made to your seniority, specialization, practice area, and individual needs. All trainings are given by Stibbe lawyers, Stibbe employees, but also by external professionals.

In other words, further growth and development doesn’t stop after your traineeship ends!


Besides the trainings offered by Stibbe Academy, you are of course free to enroll in any particular (specialised) courses given by an external institution. These courses can be legal courses or personal development courses.



Working at Stibbe requires more than mere legal knowledge. That’s why some of our Associates follow a mini-MBA course at INSEAD where they are taught subjects in management, finance, and economics.

International possibilities

International possibilities

We give you the possibility to go and work abroad. Many of our associates make use of this opportunity to gain international exposure which benefits their career.