Summer Internship

Summer Internship

Summer Internship

Looking for an unforgettable summer internship? At Stibbe Luxembourg you’ll be at the right place!

As a third-year Bachelor’s Degree student or first- or second-year Master’s Degree student, you are eligible to apply for a summer internship at Stibbe. This is usually a one-month program, but we can allow for exceptions.

Work- play balance

To balance off a lot of hard work, hands-on experience you’ll gain, and the many tasks you will carry out (e.g., attend practice group meetings, participate in (conference) calls with clients, and maybe even attend court hearings,  help prepare trial briefs, answer clients’ questions by drawing up memos and emails, draft letters to clients, lawyers, and opposing counsels, conduct legal research, and attend tailor-made workshops focusing both on legal and soft skills, etc.), you are of course cordially invited to take part in our fun activities, after work drinks, and other exciting, let-you-hair-down moments.  

Stepping stones

Does all this sound appealing to you? Then apply below.

After a first, CV-based selection, you might be qualified for an interview with a member of the HR team. We start these interviews in the fall of each year. A final selection of candidates is made from those we interviewed. We recruit around 4 summer interns each year.    

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