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Get to know us

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There are many ways to get to know Stibbe.

Do you envisage an internship during the summer months or are you looking for a professional qualification internship? Are you an LL.M. student and do you want to meet us in the US or in the UK? All is possible. We believe in the match. Find out for yourself if we do match and enroll for one of our events.

Junior & Experienced Lawyers

As a Stibbe lawyer, we involve you in everything: you will work with many different people on very diversified and high-level cases. You will gain high- level hands-on experience in and work with different dedicated teams.

LL.M. & Post-graduate students

Are you currently enrolled as an LL.M. student in the USA, the UK or are you following post-graduate studies in Luxembourg or any other European country? Find out what Stibbe has to offer you.   

Summer Internship

Looking for an unforgettable summer internship? At Stibbe Luxembourg you’ll be at the right place! As a third-year Bachelor’s Degree student or first- or second-year Master’s Degree student, you can apply for a summer internship at Stibbe.

Professional Qualification Internship

Are you currently enrolled in bar school and are you looking for an internship to fully qualify as a lawyer? At Stibbe Luxembourg we have hosted several bar interns. Interested? Apply below.


Staff members at Stibbe contribute to the success of the firm. They are the library, Finance, ICT, Human Resources, Business Development & Communications, Facilities Management, Knowledge Management, and the legal and executive assistants engaged in secretarial duties. We are always looking for ambitious legal assistants and staff members with a professional, proactive attitude.