Connecting old colleagues and friends around the world

Let's stay in touch

Our lives and careers are always on the move, but what matters is that we do our best to stay in touch with each other. It’s something we aim to facilitate with our Alumni Networks, enabling you to renew friendships, forge new ones, catch up with the latest news from Stibbe and your former colleagues, and even help to grow your professional network. 

Each network incorporates different Stibbe offices from around the world, so please join the one that relates to your location – and keep your finger on the Stibbe pulse.

Stibbe Alumni Amsterdam Legal

Catering for alumni of Amsterdam, Dubai, London or New York, this active group is a platform for staying in touch with former colleagues and friends. Not only will we keep you up-to-date with regular newsletters, we organise a yearly Legal Alumni Reunion where Stibbe colleagues through the ages convene.

Alumni Portal Stibbe Brussels

Please note that on our MyStibbe platform, we have created an alumni portal. Here you will find the latest news about Stibbe, our upcoming events for the alumni and much more.

Join us on our platform and stay in touch with your former colleagues and peers, personalise your newsletters to your interests and ensure yourself an invitation to exclusive alumni events.

Click here to join! If you already have a MyStibbe account, let us know here.

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