Johan Zwemmer

With expertise in all aspects of employment law, Johan delivers practical and pragmatic advice for a range of high profile clients. 

He primarily advises on flexible labour and on the interface between employment law and corporate law (transfer of undertaking, employee participation and collective labour law).

Johan is a member of the European, Dutch and Amsterdam Employment Lawyers Associations. He publishes in professional journals, is annotator of, and JAR, a publication on jurisprudence on employment law. He is also co-author of several handbooks relating to labour law.

Johan is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Employment Law at the University of Amsterdam. In addition, he lectures for the Stichting Beroepsopleiding Bedrijfsjuristen, a business legal education for in-house lawyers; and the Leergang Arbeid, Onderneming & Medezeggenschap, a post-graduate educational programme in employment, entrepreneurship and co-determination.

In 2012, he obtained a PhD for his thesis ‘Pluraliteit van werkgeverschap’. This was on the legal role of the employer in situations in which different parties are simultaneously or successively involved on the employer’s side in the execution of the employment contract.

  • Languages: Dutch, English, German
  • Admitted to the Amsterdam Bar: 2001


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