I am Ivan Peeters
Banking and Finance specialist
Capital Markets specialist

Ivan Peeters

Ivan’s expertise and experience focus on the complex areas in financial transactions, including structured finance and securitisations, banking, secured or asset-based lending, and debt capital markets.

In particular, he assists financial institutions, investment banks and corporates with a wide range of, often innovative, securitisations, other capital market-related financings, and complex financial restructurings. He also advises both Belgian and foreign financial institutions on financial regulations, securities laws, various types of financial master agreements, and securities clearing and settlement.

During the peak of the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, he was heavily involved in the design and negotiation of liquidity support for several large Belgian banks. Today, he continues to represent banks in litigation to manage investor claims in relation to CDOs and other complex financial instruments that suffered particularly from the fall-out of the financial crisis.

Ivan’s 5-year experience as in-house counsel of a commercial bank gives him a particular insight into understanding the commercial needs and requirements of financial institutions and the regulatory authorities.

Ivan is well-respected as an authority in banking and finance law in Belgium and was a member of various working parties that were set up by the Belgian government to update Belgian laws and regulations on finance, collateral, and securities. He also took a leading role in designing and drafting the Belgian covered bond legislation.

  • Languages: Dutch, French, English
  • Admitted to the Brussels Bar: 1992
  • Joined Stibbe as a partner in: 2007


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