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Daniël Stein Associate Amsterdam
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21.04.2017 NL law
Doorberekening van kartelschade

Articles - In het arrest Tennet/ABB laat de Hoge Raad voor het eerst zijn licht schijnen over doorberekening van kartelschade. Meer in het bijzonder geeft de Hoge Raad antwoord op de vraag op welke wijze een doorberekeningsverweer (‘passing-on defence’) naar Nederlands recht kan worden vormgegeven.

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22.07.2016 EU law
Ambtshalve toetsing van Unierecht door de appelrechter

Articles - Ambtshalve toepassing van de Richtlijn oneerlijke handelsbedingen (in appel). Verduidelijking van het arrest Heesakkers/Voets (2013). Indien de rechter op grond van Unierecht verplicht is om contractuele bedingen te toetsen aan de Richtlijn oneerlijke handelsbedingen, is hij gehouden dat ambtshalve te doen, dus ook indien partijen daarop geen beroep doen (arrest Heesakkers/Voets).

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05.04.2017 NL law
Extinctive prescription in case of possession in bad faith: the former owner may reclaim the property on the basis of tort

Short Reads - On 24 February 2017, the Dutch Supreme Court delivered a judgment (ECLI:NL:HR:2017:309) regarding acquisition of ownership of immovable objects by means of extinctive prescription (bevrijdende verjaring). Under Dutch law, a possessor who possesses an immovable that is not his property, becomes the owner of that good after a period of ten years of uninterrupted possession in good faith (art. 3:99 DCC).

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01.07.2016 EU law
Singapore ratifies the Hague Convention on choice of court agreements

Short Reads - On 2 June 2016, the Singapore Ministry of Law announced that Singapore has ratified the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements. The Convention was concluded in June 2005 by the Hague Conference on Private International Law, but did not enter into force until 1 October 2015. The ratification requirements for the Convention were met by the EU’s ratification in June 2015. The Convention became binding on Mexico and all EU member states (except Denmark) from 1 October 2015 onwards and will come into effect for Singapore on 1 October 2016.  

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01.03.2017 EU law
Implementation of Antitrust Damages Directive: Dutch legislation effective as of 10 February 2017

Short Reads - On 9 February 2017, the act implementing the Antitrust Damages Directive (Directive 2014/104 /EU, the "Directive") into the laws of the Netherlands (the "Implementation Act") was published  in the official Bulletin of Acts and Decrees (het Staatsblad). The Implementation Act is effective as of 10 February 2017 [see our July 2016 Newsletter].

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24.12.2015 NL law
Dutch collective actions and the question of relativity

Short Reads - On 27 November 2015, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled that a decision on the question of relativity can be obtained in a collective action (ECLI:NL:HR:2015:3399). The concept of relativity in Dutch law concerns the protective scope of a rule and entails that non-contractual damages can only be obtained if the rule that has been violated is intended to protect the victim from the loss incurred by him.

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