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Inside Stibbe

Stibbe develops 'Wooncontractgemak'

Stibbe develops 'Wooncontractgemak'

Stibbe develops 'Wooncontractgemak'

21.10.2019 NL law

Together with ABN AMRO, Stibbe has developed the Wooncontractgemak ('Easy Housing Contract') application last year. This SAAS application helps housing corporations and prospective tenants to collect the necessary data for the allocation of a home.

The idea for Wooncontractgemak was born after an extensive study by ABN AMRO and Stibbe into the main obstacles and pain-points of Dutch housing corporations. This study showed that the identification of potential tenants, alongside strict regulations (e.g. the Housing Act of 2015), ensures that housing associations often work with a low margin of error. This means that housing associations have to check every step in the process, time after time. This is not only annoying and time-consuming for the housing associations; it is also a long and sometimes frustrating process for the candidate tenants.

Together with ABN AMRO, we have developed a product that has an answer to this question: Wooncontractgemak. Wooncontractgemak shortens the process of collecting and assessing data and documents. In addition, the application reduces fraud, reduces manual actions, and allows candidate tenants to easily identify themselves. Finally, it is also very simple to retrieve and deliver data on benefits, pension, income, address history, family composition, etc.

A pilot project using Wooncontractgemak is currently running, with the intention that this application will later become available to the entire market.



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