“Energy Performance Contract & Energy Services Company” portal updated

“Energy Performance Contract & Energy Services Company” portal updated

01.09.2017 EU law

Energy-saving measures are indispensable for modern buildings. For owners of buildings or businesses in the private sector as well as those belonging to the government, it is not obvious, however, to figure out which intervening measures are good, sustainable, and profitable investments. This is when specialised contractors (Energy Performance Contractors) enter into the picture.

The MyStibbe portal* contains relevant information about energy performance contracts and the specific types and forms of financing of the projects involved. Recently we updated the portal and added event information and recent publications. To find out more, go to and sign up for MyStibbe. After your registration you will receive a login and password within a couple of days.

* MyStibbe is a newly developed knowledge platform for clients and other interested parties. Personalised content is being shown on the basis of the needs of the end user.


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23.02.2018 NL law
Ontbrekende ruimte in bestaande centra is geen bijzondere omstandigheid die ontheffing van de PRV Zuid-Holland rechtvaardigt

Short Reads - Verschillende provincies hebben in hun ruimtelijke verordening bepaald dat nieuwe detailhandel alleen gerealiseerd mag worden binnen of direct aansluitend aan bestaande winkelgebieden. Mogelijkheden tot afwijking van deze regel verschillen per provincie. In Zuid-Holland is bijvoorbeeld een ontheffing van het college van gedeputeerde staten vereist om detailhandel ergens anders toe te staan. Deze ontheffing kan echter alleen worden verleend in geval van "bijzondere omstandigheden".

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22.02.2018 NL law
Een nieuwe coördinatieregeling in de Awb

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23.02.2018 NL law
Can acts and statements from an unauthorised representative qualify as acknowledgment of liability and interrupt a limitation period?

Short Reads - On 26 January 2018, the Supreme Court delivered a judgment (ECLI:NL:HR:2018:108) about the interruption of the limitation period for a claim for damages. The key element in this case was whether the acts and statements of an insurer and a loss adjuster qualified as an acknowledgement of liability and, if so, whether this acknowledgement could be attributed to the liable party

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22.02.2018 BE law
27 February 2018: Ignace Vernimme speaks on IP rights within international contracts

Speaking slot - Enterprise Europe Network Vlaanderen (a professional network of regional organizations whose mission is to help innovative SMEs to conquer foreign markets) organizes a seminar in Antwerp on how to find foreign business partners and how to deal with them. Stibbe's IP partner, Ignace Vernimme, gives a presentation titled: IPRs: a key tool for innovative SMEs to conquer foreign markets.

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