TMT team launches new article project on General Data Protection Regulation

TMT team launches new article project on General Data Protection Regulation

01.03.2016 BE law

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will replace the current applicable Directive will be a corner stone in the way privacy and data protection will be regulated in the EEA in the next decades.

On 15 December 2015, a political compromise was reached on a legislative text. For the most recent version of the text, please click here. On 14 April 2016, the European Parliament approved the final text. It is foreseen that period of two years will apply before the GDPR will come into effect.

Its advent coincides with other major developments in the area, such as the recent landmark cases of the European Court of Justice in connection with Facebook, the case of the Belgian Privacy Commission against Facebook and the Privacy Shield, i.e. the newly negotiated arrangement for the exchange of personal data between the US and the EU. These developments all work together in raising the level of privacy awareness. At the same time, companies either operating within the EEA or conducting business with the EEA are in search of guidance and clarity on the obligations that apply to them as regards the processing of personal data.

The GDPR contains a vast set of rules on the processing of personal data. Stibbe's team of data protection specialists, headed up by Erik Valgaeren, and Judica Krikke, has prepared a series of short contributions on the key topics of the GDPR. These will be published in various magazines as well.  Following their publication, we will add the links to these contributions on this page.


Published so far:

For further questions, you can also connect with the Stibbe data protection team via or by contacting one of the persons mentioned on this page.


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