Stibbe continues to stay CO2 Neutral

Stibbe continues to stay ‘CO2 neutral’

Stibbe continues to stay ‘CO2 neutral’

CO2logic, an organisation specialised in climate action, awarded Stibbe with the “CO2-neutral” label.

CO2logic and international independent certification body Vinçotte developed the “CO2-neutral” label, based on the internationally recognised PAS2060 standard. As opposed to “greenwashing”, this label can only be achieved through serious climate efforts. Since 2007, it guarantees that labelled organisations are actively calculating, reducing and compensating their local and global climate impact.

The Brussels office of Stibbe remains the first law firm in Belgium investing in a climate impact offsetting project to neutralise its carbon footprint. Today, our Brussels office greenhouse gas emissions are measured at 481 tons CO2, a 30% decreased compared to last year. By selecting the UNFCCC* Certified Hebbakavadi mini-hydro project in India as our carbon offsetting project, we support the local electricity grid that provides electricity from the irrigation canal water, a clean energy source, and makes it available to the local population. The electricity generated helps meeting electricity demand and stabilising frequent grid failures in the southern regional grid of India. Apart from generating a utility in the local region, the project has positive socio-economic implications as well.

Please click here to discover what CO2 neutral is.

*UNFCCC = United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

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